Dr. Erik Bostrom makes a baby blanket for each baby he helps deliver. It is personalized with the baby's name, birthday, height and weight. He was looking for a unique way to attract patients. Two years ago, he bought a used sewing machine, got a little help from his sister-in-law, and dove right in.

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#14 Willa 2018-12-31 14:06
I was taught to sew over pins in home ec and have done it for over 40 years. Hard habit to break.
#13 Rochelle 2018-12-18 21:56
So cool!
#12 Suzanne Becker 2018-12-18 14:01
Way to go!
#11 EditorAnne 2018-12-18 02:17
Wait--what??? A doctor wok has to offer free gifts to attract patients? Only in the Land Without Health Care.

Nice blankets, though.
#10 Linda H 2018-12-17 16:09
Love this! But someone needs to explain to him the dangers of sewing over pins...
#9 QuiltsRMyThing 2018-12-17 13:19
What a Very Special Man to do this! And...you are an Amazing Doctor to make your patients and your new little ones feel so special! What a Blessing you are!
#8 Bobbi 2018-12-17 12:01
Wow... he is a prince !
#7 Mindy 2018-12-17 10:56
How wonderful he thinks of his patients as real humans and not just cases. If I lived nearby, I'd ask how I could help.
#6 everydayquilter 2018-12-17 08:36
So impressed !
#5 Sheila Demarais 2018-12-17 08:18
Thanks Dr. Bostrom , I'm a quilter and from Aitkin County, and go to RiverwoodH&C, this is great of you!!
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