Justin and I just received an amazing comfort quilt. The quilt is called "It Will Be Green Again" and it is an encouraging reminder to us that in time our forest will recover from the wildfire. The blocks were made by members of the Victoria Quilters' Guild in Victoria, BC Canada. The quilt was assembled by Daphne Greig, who also made the amazing back of the quilt. While I've certainly participated in comfort quilts before, this is the first I've been on the receiving end. We are overwhelmed, thankful, and humbled.

Thank you Victoria Quilters' Guild for your kindness. We love the quilt and will treasure it forever.

We would also like to give a big shout and thanks to Caren Gorden and hubby for bringing 24 pine trees to Quilt Luminarium in La Veta. They were planted this past weekend. The mother tree is on their property and these babies will be a treasure for many years. Two of those trees are now named Victoria and Daphne.