Debra Goley created Taking Flight: My Great Aunts for the HERstory: A Celebration of Strong Women exhibit. Her aunts both served in WW II as pilots and are both still living. That's one of them in the video with Debra. Debra talks about her quilt and we salute the women she commemorated.

Her two aunts are Betty Heinrich Berkstresser and Barbara Willis Heinrich.

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Deb writes,

Here is my highlight! Getting to celebrate with my Aunt, Betty Heinrich Berkstresser, a WWII veteran, a Women Air Force Pilot was the best treat! I was honored to show her my art work of her and my other great Aunt both still living! Only 83 of the 1000 WASPS still alive and both my Aunts received the Congressional Medal of Honor in 2011. People came up to thank them for their service and my tears were of joy.

Click here to go to Deb's website.

(photo: Debra Goley)


#2 Donna Capallia 2018-10-24 20:43
Thank you for sharing your quilts and your Aunts.

I had three aunts, all of whom quilted, crocheted, and hand and machine sewed. I have so many quilts and enjoy almost all of them. I use my quilts and enjoy the warmth they provide in the winter.
#1 Patricia Crum 2018-10-22 09:41
Thank you so much for your service!
Love the quilt!
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