While the colors are vibrant and help the quilt tell a story, the visual impact of the quilt had people stopping and staring. It made you feel like you were looking through a pipeline in the ocean. Thom Atkins quilt, Water is Life, So Why are We Doing This, is a commentary on what we are doing to our oceans. That's why he used interesting embellishments, including distressed plastic, to create something that was "Beautiful" and "Terrifying".

Thom's quilt won Best Use of Color and 2nd Place Visual Impact (New Quilts of Northern California) at PIQF 2018.


#18 Marlette0613 2018-10-23 07:46
Oh that we all would care so much about what's happening to our earth! The artist shows us through his amazing gift of fiber art in this stunning piece.

In addition to using reusable shopping bags for every shopping trip to any store, we are reducing plastic consumption and refusing plastic flatware and straws in restaurants.
#17 Sharon Austin 2018-10-23 02:21
Powerful message and so beautiful. Needs to be seen everywhere. Thom, can you address global warming next???
#16 Pat Greenberg 2018-10-22 23:12
Stunning quilt. This topic would make a great quilt competition and traveling exhibit.
#15 Alice 2018-10-22 15:57
This is beautiful and thought provoking. I have been trying to further reduce my plastic consumption by making and buying reusable bags, glass containers, Corelle for the microwave, etc.
#14 Phyllis F 2018-10-22 15:25
This quilt is amazing, thought provoking and a serious statement on climate change and how we treat our environment, well done
#13 sewshort 2018-10-22 13:21
This is great in so many ways. This work of art needs to be seen world wide. I would hope that it could be shown when the countries meet to discuss climate change. Not sure the president would understand the statement being made here.
#12 TrischeR 2018-10-22 10:36
Absolutely says it all, beautifully.
#11 Donna 2018-10-22 10:10
I just read that the sea salt we love has plastic in it. It’s a shame what we are doing to this beautiful planet.
Love the quilt.
#10 CSK 2018-10-22 09:17
What a fabulous quilt!
#9 Colleen P 2018-10-22 08:58
Such impact..amazing!
This quilt should travel far and wide, perhaps to the White House!!!!
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