Did you guess the TQS Quilt Legend for 2018? Was the hint about Iowa enough of a hint? Well wonder no more. The TQS Quilt Legend is... Marianne Fons!


#10 MacIntosh 2018-10-14 05:53
Fons and Porter early, early book got me started. And now years later it is my passion after I had time to devote to it. Thank you for the excellent ground work in traditional quilting.
#9 eileenkny 2018-10-12 17:26
And she's an icon as well. Looking forward to seeing the episode.
#8 Barb Walsh 2018-10-12 15:25
Dear Marianne,

A well deserved award. Congratulations !
#7 MEMA1 2018-10-12 14:12
YAY! My favorite quilt teacher of all time. Wonderful. Congrats, Mariann! You deserve this, and much more.
#6 Mary K Sewell 2018-10-12 14:07
Hard to find a better example of a representative and innovator in the quilting industry. Congratulations on a well deserved honor. It truly should have been you and Liz!
#5 lrobbi3733 2018-10-12 13:54
Congrats to Marianne for your contribution to the quilting world ... and also to your work at the Iowa Quilt Museum in Winterset!
#4 Carroll Lee 2018-10-12 12:08
So deserving! A wonderful inspiration for so many people for so many years.
#3 laststitchstudio 2018-10-12 10:04
Absolutely lovely person inside and out!
#2 Lo Ann Van Hemert 2018-10-12 08:47
Congrats to you! Enjoyed your presentation of. Quilts of Valor at the Des Moines Area Quilt Show in September.
#1 LADYRAGS 2018-10-12 07:29
A really good pick ... Mariann and Liz have both done a lot for quilting ... it is nice that their is acknowledgement from the quilting community.
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