Alex and Ricky are joined by Patty Murphy and Julie Silber on the TQS set. Patty has heard the frustration of quilters who struggled to ‘get it right’ when it came to their patchwork. She shares a wide range of techniques for improving your cutting and piecing skills, cutting off minor imperfections at the pass, and clever ideas for combining orphan blocks into fun and colorful quilts.

Then, quilt historian, curator, and quilt broker, Julie Silber, reveals the secrets to deciphering a true antique crib or doll quilt vs. an imposter. These rare, made with love, little beauties are sure to charm you.

Star Members can watch Patty and Julie in Show 2305: Solving Piecing Problems & Deciphering Antique Crib Quilts, when it debuts Sunday, August 26, 2018.