The Month 16 Legacy Quilt Club block from Ricky is the Tumbling Blocks.

Shown here in the Enchantment colorway, Tumbling Blocks is the sixteenth block for the Legacy Quilt Club. The Legacy Quilt features twenty blocks. A new block pattern is available for FREE each month.

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Tumbling Blocks

Pioneer children didn't have many toys - and Laura Ingalls Wilder knew she was a "Pioneer Girl" as she composed her memoir of the same name and later the "Little House" books. But, having a good watchdog was a pioneer essential and Jack, the brindle bulldog was Laura's first memory of a pet and protector.                                                 
"At milking time Ma was putting on her bonnet, when suddenly all Jack's hair stood up stiff on his neck and back, and he rushed out of the house. They heard a yell and scramble and a shout: 'Call off your dog! Call off your dog!'  Mr. Edwards was on top of the woodpile and Jack was climbing up after him.  'He's got me treed,' Mr. Edwards said, backing along the top of the woodpile. Ma could hardly make Jack come away. Jack grinned savagely and his eyes were red. He had to let Mr. Edwards come down from the woodpile, but he watched him every minute."  
~ Laura Ingalls Wilder Little House on the Prairie Ch. 17 "Pa Goes to Town"

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