Yes, you still have time to join the IMQE and experience the holidays through the eyes of your partner. What traditions does your partner have for the holidays? Is there a special dish that will be served? What is your fondest holiday memory? All of these are great topics for your first email exchange.
You have to take the first step and join the IMQE!

We have 311 partners and International quilters waiting patiently for US quilters to join the fun. Relax, there is plenty of time to work with your partner since the quilts are not due until the end of March 2018.

In January, Ricky will have a special video class for all the IMQE participants on how to photograph your miniature quilt. You will learn about the photo size and appropriate staging to take that perfect photo to show your work at it’s best.
We currently have 5 international quilters waiting for US quilters to join – will that be you? Act now as we will be bringing IMQE 2017 to a close in December and will no longer be accepting new members.
Quilters have until March 2018 to complete their miniature quilts.
1 International Quilter + 1 United States Quilter + A Passion for Quilting = A Priceless Experience