I have pincushions on the brain!  One of my stitch groups decided to have a Christmas pincushion exchange.  Which meant I had to make 6 pincushions. You would think that would be a piece of cake! But, if you look at my Pinterest Pincushion board the choices are endless!!! I can remember as a child that the only pincushion I ever saw was the tomato. Now stitchers are finding creative ways to store pins and many quilters have collections of adorable pincushions in their sewing rooms.

The first recorded origins of the pincushion date back to the Middle Ages in Europe. Seamstresses through the ages found innovative designs for keeping their pins. The tomato with the strawberry attached showed up during the Victorian Era. It was believed a tomato placed on the window sill would bring riches to a home and protect against evil spirits. That was great during the growing season but during the off season a pincushion could be made to look like a tomato and continue the protection.

Pincushions are a very satisfying project as they usually are short and sweet from beginning to end. They also are a wonderful gift for a quilting friend...and, who knows they might provide some protection from the evil spirits! After traveling to Portland this past week and visiting not only Acorn & Threads cross stitch shop but Pioneer Quilts my list of pincushion options has increased!!! I hope you enjoy this little pincushion slide show...there are so many choices and if you want to send me one, I will add it to my collection, LOL!!!

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#5 Anna 2017-12-12 20:15
meg03 it was at the Acorn and Threads in Portland. They have an online shop where you can order :)
#4 meg03 2017-12-08 23:01
Where would purchase the Sweethearts Pocket Tender Hearts Series #4 Blackbird Design? Thank you MD
#3 Lori Merjil 2017-12-07 08:54
Oh thanks, Anna. I was looking for a new addiction. Haha...These are so darn cute! Perfect for taking with us in the trailer. I'm going shopping for a kit. We're due to leave again in a couple weeks. This is perfect to keep my creative juices flowing.
#2 Sandi H 2017-12-06 11:27
Love some of those poncushion you shared. I may have to pick some of the patterns when I head down to Potland next. My favourite ones are the square bee one and the penguin, he is adorable.

CL Tree, I like making an inner muslin bag and fill it with crushed walnut shells. It adds a nice weight to the pincushion, I also add a bit of cotton batting or fiberfil between the bag and cotton or wool exterior. You can get them at pet supply shops, it's used as bedding for some animals.
#1 CL Tree 2017-12-06 10:05
What do you stuff them with? The old tomato pin cushion I have has a denser stuffing that holds the pins verses a couple of gift homemade ones I have. Any suggestions?
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