Barbara Nickelson's quilt, Almas' Roses, 86" x 93", took hand-drawn designs by Alma Scow and Alma Wrightman (1920-1930) and combined it with quilting by Jan Hutchinson. We saw this quilt at AQS QuiltWeek Spring Paducah 2017. We love how Barbara made the flowers flow around the quilt and how Jan crafted movement around them with radiating corners. The lovely quilted borders that flow into the flowers and the quilting in the center of the quilt, draw your eyes around the quilt.


#19 pennylm 2019-06-16 05:54
Takes my breath away. Love the border detail. The machine quilting sets off the exquisite applique perfectly.
#18 JoyceSH 2017-10-26 14:52
Exquisite I am trilled by these antique quilt patterns. Bravo! Bravo!
#17 Donna M 2017-10-23 11:13
#16 Patsy 2017-10-22 21:49
An Absolutely beautifully done quilt.
#15 Barbara Nickelson 2017-10-22 16:48
Vicki c, I started assembling the individual roses in the fall of 2010, then tackled the leaves and stems, and leaves and stems...My logic was that if the roses were done first, then I'd have to finish the rest! It was a carry-along project up until the time the panels were assembled. I have no idea how many hours were involved; I don't keep track!
#14 Ada Clarke 2017-10-22 16:28
Oh so beautiful, red roses and white quilting are a match made in heaven. :love the border shape too.
#13 Pat 2017-10-22 14:59
Truly a masterpiece...w hat a wonderful keepsake for the family!
#12 merqury 2017-10-22 13:17
This quilt takes my breath away. I think it's a masterpiece. Quite an accomplishment!
#11 Marie Z Johansen 2017-10-22 13:12
Exquisite does not quite say enough...this is a treasure!
#10 Diane Powers Harris 2017-10-22 11:45
Love how the transitional seam lines from white to the soft yellow fabrics are camouflaged by the stems of the rose garlands. Spectacular quilt!
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