Only 5 left to reach our goal of 300 IMQE Partners!
To reach our goal of 300 IMQE Partners, we only need 5 more International partners! We have 7 US quilters waiting for International partners. Won’t you join us and help IMQE exceed our goal?
Internationally, the United Kingdom still leads with 56 Quilters, followed closely by Germany with 54 Quilters. Italy is the next closest country with 48 Quilters participating.
Some our International Quilters are in very interesting places around the world: Zimbabwe, Argentina, Finland and most recently Malaysia.
In the United States, California leads with 30 Quilters and Texas is close behind with 28. Illinois is the next closest state with 15 Quilters participating in IMQE. We would still love to hear from Hawaii and West Virginia. Alaska now has 3 Quilters participating in the exchange.
We also have 5 partners using translation software to communicate as Quilting is their common language!
Join the International Miniature Quilt Exchange and help us celebrate reaching our goal. Let’s break records with this exchange.
Quilters have until March 2018 to complete their miniature quilts. Get all the details here.
1 International Quilter + 1 United States Quilter + A Passion for Quilting = A Priceless Experience