And so we have reached the last of the 7 Habits of the Highly Effective Quilter...I thought long and hard about this one and as luck would have it, I had a light bulb moment when I arrived home from the Quilt Roadies adventure and unloaded the trailer. Not only bringing in all my sewing projects that were stitched on the road, but also the little treasures I picked up along the way. And so, Habit #7...regular inventory! You know...just like the shops do. A yearly inventory so they know what they have sold and what they have left on the shelf. A sewing room inventory allows you to see what you have left to do and to acknowledge what you finished. I believe by opening all the drawers, looking in all the bins and boxes, and taking a full inventory of what you really have tucked away, you will be reminded of those special projects you once had to have, LOL. I'll admit I did have a momentary anxiety attack...but, since I take an inventory on a regular basis, I have weeded out the "what was I thinking" projects and truly like everything I have in stock, LOL.

With this said, I know that life can get hectic and sometimes we don't know which way we are headed! Sometimes we have the best of intentions of starting or finishing a project and then life distracts us and we forget...that is why a regularly scheduled inventory...maybe once a quarter, which would be 4 times a year, will help stimulate those stitching juices.

I can hear the revolt now, but remember who is in charge of the sewing room!!! No one is the boss of you and your projects and throw aside the judgment and take a full assessment of what is lurking in that closet! You are strong...you are powerful, and no pile of fabric is going to make you weep!

...And just so you know, I have been taking my own advice and spent a couple of hours taking inventory before I put away the new projects. And, while doing so, I remembered a project that I was going to make for my oldest son's friend who is Canadian...now, where did that project go??? With an inventory I was able to find it and finished it!! I feel so satisfied and I think she is going to like it!

I hope you have enjoyed the 7 Habits of the Highly Effective Quilter...I know it has helped me light a nice quilter's fire under my needle! And now it is heated up and ready to go! Have a great week and we'll see what next week will bring!

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