UPDATE 4/12/2019
The full tapestry is on display in the Ulster Museum until July 28, 2019, with further panels depicting the story of Season 8 due to be added to the tapestry in June.

After so many years of production, Game of Thrones® has truly become a part of Northern Ireland’s heritage and culture. In order to celebrate this, Tourism Ireland created the Northern Ireland Game of Thrones® Tapestry – a giant, 77 metre long medieval wall hanging that brings to life the events, locations and story of one of the most popular television series of all time. (https://www.ireland.com/en-us/features/game-of-thrones-tapestry/) By the end of the series it will reach 250 feet in length.
The work is similar to the Bayeux Tapestry except instead of the Duke of Normandy fighting the Battle of Hastings; it's Jon Snow in the Battle of the Bastards. This is one of many scenes filmed in Northern Ireland and one of the reasons the Irish government wants to encourage fans to come and see it.
The tapestry is hand-woven and hand-embroidered on linen from one of Northern Ireland's last surviving linen mills. It is currently displayed at the Ulster Museum in Belfast.
Click here to go to the Tourism Ireland interactive site where  you can browse the entire tapestry.