TQS found these metallic thread tubes at a recent show. The colors are fun and the price is right. It's just $16 for 4 Spools. Here is WonderFil's description:

Add a little glamour with this 40wt rayon core metallic thread! Soft, smooth running, and less prone to shedding and thread breakage, Spotlite™ is a brilliant and dynamic thread that is great for anything from machine embroidery to decorative stitches and even quilting. Unlike other metallic threads that are prone to breaking or shredding, Spotlite™ is quality built for a strong, even stitch and will even run up to 800 spm on domestic sewing machines and embroidery machines.


For 10% Off on the 9 tube Metallic Thread use the code     Metallic9        in the coupon box at checkout.

Join or Renew a 1 Year Membership and get a 30% off coupon for the Shop that applies to these threads. Getting 30% Off on the 9 Metallic Thread tubes almost pays for your 1 Year Membership. 

As you know, we tend to run out on these special buys. Please order right away.


#2 JOHNANDERSON 2017-05-11 23:48
Click on the Metallic thread. There is a down arrow. Click that and you will see the list of colors. Click the color and a picture will come up. Sorry for the confusion.

#1 Billye Reynolds 2017-05-11 21:28
I wanted to order a tube of the metallic thread but could not find where to choose the color combination I needed.
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