A Go Tell it at the Quilt Show! interview with Maria Ferri Cousins who has created quilts featuring rescued animals, both of whom appear to be reflecting on their pasts.

One quilt, one person, one video camera, three minutes = another quilt story saved!

"Go Tell It at the Quilt Show!" is a Quilt Alliance project designed to capture the stories of quilts where quiltmakers gather. This interview was filmed at the International Quilt Festival in Houston, Texas in November 2016.

#5 Suzanne Savatteri 2017-05-01 15:09
Congratulations to you. Beautiful work.
I love Tigers. I have contributed to the "Save The Tigers" fund for endangered animals.
It is an honor to be selected to display your work in Houston at the International Quilt Show.
#4 Suzanne Savatteri 2017-05-01 14:30
Congratulations , it is an honor to have your quilt at the Houston show. I have contributed to the "Save The Tiger" fund for endangered species. I love Tigers.
#3 Suzanne Savatteri 2017-05-01 14:26
Suzanne Savatteri
I love Tigers and all cats. I have contributed to "Save the tigers" endangered animals. It is such a pleasure to see your beautiful tiger piece.
Thank you. What an honor to be at the Houston International Quilt Show, congratulations .
#2 Mariacousins 2017-04-15 11:02
I am just so honored to have the Quilt Alliance's interview of me and my quilts at the Houston International Quilt Show, presented here. Thank you.
#1 cheri 2017-04-14 11:47
I am doing a series of endangered wild animals quilts this was great to see others rescuing these precious lives and commemorating them Well done ! :-)
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