Melissa Sobotka won a big prize at the Houston Quilt Festival and had a little bit of money to spend. Ricky tracked her down to find out what she'd done with the prize money and gets to take a look inside her shopping bag.

Star Members can watch Melissa create her quilts in Show 2008: Photo Realism in Fabric.

#3 Susan Stitch 2017-04-19 09:14
SO fun! I'd love to see more of these shopping interviews. I always look for new things and can't wait to find out what my friends have found.
#2 joleneshindler 2016-12-03 23:08
What a very wonderful, special and genuine woman Melissa is! Thank you for sharing all the things you thought to purchase at such an overwhelming collection of so many venders and suppliers convention! I've had the pleasure and honor of seeing Melissa's award winning quilt in person and it is so finely detailed, there truly was not enough time to see every detail at first glance. I went back 3 times to take in all the dedication she put forth! Congratulations Melissa! You are a very inspiring artist and quilter!
#1 ClaraLawrence 2016-12-03 09:33
What a fun little interview. Please do more of these. It really gives us a taste of the personality and who they are. Fabrico markers are wonderful. Have fun with your stuff.
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