Cathy says of Western Roundup:

"With this piece, I wanted to bring the look of the traditional pieced quilt into the world of quilted leather. Beginning with one-colour cowhide, I created the illusion of pieced blocks with leather dyes. I wanted to use all portions of the hide so I layered the scraps to create the irregular shape at the bottom. No part of the hide was wasted. I then went in search of the perfect western-styled conchos to embellish the design." punchwithjudy.blogspot.com

Watch Cathy in Show 1909: Taking Leather to a Whole New Level.

Original Photo: Mary Kay Davis

#3 elainann 2020-10-13 11:52
I've often thought Cathy should get in touch with the "Timber Kings." They custom build amazing log cabins and I'm sure their clients would be very interested in her leather artwork. They would be the perfect fit. Cathy's quilts are absolutely stunning, I've never seen anything like them.
#2 Shirley Peters 2020-10-12 07:40
Absolutely stunning.
#1 Blue mom 2020-03-06 10:08
This woman should have her quilt be a stamp. This preserves the feeling many have for the beautiful horses. What creativity!
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