Katie Stein Sather and Karen Johnson of B.C. were mounting a new exhibit in Vancouver this month. The show was hung a week ago in the Unitarian Church, 949 - W. 49th Avenue, Vancouver. When Katie and Karen arrived for their Opening Reception...to their horror, several pieces had gone missing!

The missing pieces (nine quilts) were taken from the exhibit in the Parish Hall, which is across the atrium from the Sanctuary.

Click here to learn more and see photos of the missing quilts.

If anyone has any information, please contact Hunter, the church's office administrator.
Contact information:
Tel.: 604.261.7204, Ext. 224 - Congregational Administrator
E-mail: info@vancouverunitarians.ca

(photo: Alberta Poplars - Karen Johnson)

#2 Pat Davies 2016-11-08 23:04
Any luck yet finding them!!
#1 margblank 2016-10-28 09:46
Thank you so much for posting this! We have no idea if the quilts will cross into the U.S., but every little bit helps!

Margaret Blank, SAQA Co-Rep (Alberta); Coleen Adderley, SAQA Co-Rep (B.C.) and Val Wilson, SAQA Co-Rep, (MB/SK) for Western Canada
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