Fall is always an exciting time with my retreat, Quilting in the Garden, and Quilt Market & Festival in Houston! This year at market, I have a few products debuting with Quilters Select. In the Quilters Select family we are showcasing our new rotary cutter. It is beautifully weighted, either left or right handed, and has a super EASY blade change. We also have two new thread lines to showcase. Please stop by booth #800 to check out all the new exciting products.

Also at market, my new line with RJR Fabrics, Mirage, will debut (booth #1034). I am super excited about the vibrancy of the colors and to showcase them, I have been sewing like a mad woman. Many of the projects have been posted on my Facebook page. With a week or so to go, the last quilt is shaping up.

I really liked where it was heading but felt an appliqué border would seal the deal. Note to self: my design wall was already occupied! Making sure that everything was secure on project #1, I simply pinned a white table cloth on top of my other project. I know had a place to design my new project. After adding white borders, I used a disappearing ink pen to “plot” the areas where the stem will reside. The stems were made with a clover bias tape maker. I prepped the stems with Select Appli-Stick ¼” Tape.


Because I chose to work in Christmas colors, little light bulbs seemed to be the appropriate addition to the stem.

ENTER THE SECRET WEAPON – a cordless iron!

Once the vine was placed and pinned – off to the wall I went with a hot iron!
The story isn’t over yet…….I am at the machine appliquéing the little bulbs in place, watch.


#15 gramacoat 2016-10-21 10:30
Rotary cutter looks nice but $60 for a rotary cutter that's not even gold plated for that price is way to expensive I would like ti buy one but unfortunately at that price I don't see those flying off the shelf.
#14 Traci 2016-10-16 15:31
I have the Bernina 820 and always lower the top tension, no matter what thread. It is usually at 1.5 or 1.7 and the stitches still look good.
#13 Kiwiana 2016-10-16 14:51
I LOVE monopoly. Bottom Line in the bobbin, but the secret is: top stitch needle and lowered top tension. That's all you need to know about MonoPoly. I also do use a net over the spool of MonoPoly too, just like when using metallic threads. Keeps the unravelling off the spool.
#12 Angel9 2016-10-16 13:35
I never have a problem with Metallic or Invisible thread in my Bernina QE 440 and I believe the reason is I always use Superior Bottom Line thread in the bobbin. I have found cotton thread in the bobbin will not work with the Metallic or the invisible - at least for me. I also use a Superior Thread Holder - that wonderful little tool feeds the top thread evenly and consistently. Hopefully this helps. Carole
#11 Patty P 2016-10-16 12:47
Are your ruler/mat/rotar y cutter products sold anywhere in Washington state? In checking the dealer list on the Quilters Select website, the two nearest me are Seattle and & Silverdale Sewing & Vac--but they do not carry them. Please advise me where I might purchase them.
#10 Denise 2016-10-16 12:02
I had the same problems with all sulky special threads until Sharon Shambers told us to put the threads into mineral oil..soak, dry off and then they work perfect. Mineral oil disapates so no worries! :D
#9 casinnreich 2016-10-16 11:48
RE: 820 won't recognize the thread; it always just breaks. Years ago when I first tested the 820 at the dealer's, that machine wouldn't use monopoly invisible, it stretched, broke, etc.... and for me that was a deal breaker. My dealer went to the company mechanics to find out why and how to fix. At that time, it was a known problem and there was a fixable solution. Done. I bought the 820. My machines have gotten great service from Bernina.

When you have problems go to a dealer, talk with the mechanic if available, provide samples of stitching problems you have and a brief written description so the mechanic can see & understand exactly what the issues are. Leave your phone number so he can call you if necessary. Recently, my 820 had tension problems that couldn't be fixed or adjusted by me no matter what I tried. I followed by own advice, my 820 problems were resolved. I'm happy.
#8 Bonnier Jacqueline 2016-10-16 11:15
have a 750 and can't sew with metalic thread. I put on a needle, special for metalic thread, and still every 10 cm the thread breaks ! Must I loosen the upper tension or what ?????
thanks for an answer
#7 casinnreich 2016-10-16 11:15
I have the Bernina 820 and use monopoly invisible thread all the time. Sometimes on top and in the bobbin; other times top only with Bottom Line or Aurfil 50/2 in the bobbin.
I have learned: 1) with mono on top to lower the upper tension to 2.25 or 2 to avoid pulling up bottom "fly specks" thread; 2) With each change of bobbin and/or top thread, do a stitching test swatch to check the tension; 3) On occasion, the top thread breaks and I have discovered that re threading the top fixes this problem; and, 4) my dealer recommends oiling the bobbin more often, not waiting for the machine to tell me to do so. I hope this is helpful, CAS.
#6 bar7700 2016-10-16 07:46
Love all your videos! Especially the live ones at home!
Can't wait for your new fabric line to be available.
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