Julie writes,

"The quilt top is finished.  The layers are basted.  It’s time to quilt…

Coming up with a plan for the quilting design can be a challenge.  Sometimes it’s a complete mental roadblock when I try to decide on a design. I often fall back on a crosshatch or grid pattern or I just stitch in the ditch. Sometimes it depends on how much time I’m willing to spend on this stage of the process and what (and who) the quilt is for.  Here is where stencils can come to the rescue."


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#4 bar7700 2016-10-11 09:42
Thank you for this lesson. I have struggled with Golden Threads paper. Your purple thang use is a great idea! Clover has two sizes of a Hera marker. I use it for pressing seams while at my machine when paper piecing. And I know it will be invaluable when doing my Dear Jane.
#3 Pat B 2016-10-08 11:44
Thank you so much. Great info. I just purchased some
stencils and can't wait to try them out, especially since seeing this tutorial. Thank you for sharing your techniques.
#2 Janet Daugherty 2016-10-08 10:45
Very informative. You did, however, not mention another way to use stencils. Golden Threads paper. I use my stencil to draw the design on one piece of the paper, then cut 10-12 more pieces of the same size, depending on how many I need. Pin them together, free-motion the design on your machine with an unthreaded needle. You now have multiple copies of the design. Pin a copy on your quilt and free-motion stitch over the holes. Carefully tear off the paper when you're through.
#1 Judi Jordan 2016-10-07 10:36
Thank you so much. This was very informative. I have purchased a few stencils but was confused about how to make them fit into my quilt blocks. Now I've got a better idea of how to use them.
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