While at Quilters Take Manhattan, Mark Lipinski was interviewed by Marie Bostwick for the Quilt Alliance's Quilters' S.O.S. - Save Our Stories project.  These interviews usually focus on the quilt being discussed, which in this case was Mark's very first quilt, but Mark, being Mark, has the crowd roaring with one particularly irreverent comment.  He then moves on to giving a very honest answer to the question of how he handles fear and risk when it comes to creating art.

Star Members can watch Mark in Show 1813: Quilts of Valor and Intent.

In this show, Mark tells you about his Quilts of Valor experience, and recounts how he met the Vietnam Vet whose remembrance bracelet he wore in the ‘70s. Listen as he tells about some special jobs he has had in his past. He also candidly talks about his loss of enthusiasm for quilting, and how he gained back the joy via a more mindful perspective. Mark also shows you a fun way to label your quilts in the form of a letter and you'll will want to hear about his current work in progress—legacy quilt blocks.