Stacy Hollander, museum curator of the American Folk Art Museum, tells the amazing story of this silk quilt featuring over 31,000 pieces. The story features a child left on a doorstep and a fashion-forward tailor in the early 1900s.

Stacy shared this story at Quilters Take Manhattan 2014.


#5 Linda Spalding 2016-07-28 10:57
What a beautiful redemption of a girl child, and scraps of fabric carefully placed. Wonderful.
#4 Deanna 2016-07-23 07:25
Could you please provide the spelling of the man's name? Thank you for this story.
#3 traveltheworld 2016-07-23 07:21
What a treasure! :-)
#2 MaryAnn Budahl 2016-07-22 08:37
:-) A beautiful quilt and a fascinating story. What a treat!
#1 Lilia 2016-07-22 07:50
:-) Touching story! Thanks
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