When we visited the home and studio of Lauren Vlcek, a talented doll and mixed-media artist, we came across this "cool tool." Lauren found it at a local hardware store.

It's a telescoping magnet light.

In an effort to avoid unnecessary trips to the vet with Charlie, her Boston Terrier, Lauren is always on the lookout for runaway pins. This telescoping magnet allows her to sweep across the floor while listening for the familiar clink that signals that a pin has been "caught." The light helps in darker areas, such as under her sewing area or worktable.

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#5 mammacats 2016-06-08 12:20
Another good one is the telescoping version that guys use in their garages and shops to pick up screws and nails.
I have one that I purchased at a hardware store for very little money, and I love that one too.
You just need to be very careful to not let these babies get near your computerized sewing machines.
I did not realize they came out with a light up version. That would indeed be very handy.
#4 Dennie Sullivan 2016-06-06 13:04
My favorite tool for several years! And I've given many to friends; can't do w/o it!!
#3 Joan Neumiller 2016-06-06 07:50
I've used this magnet for over thirty years. Someone bent my original one and I immediately purchased another. The need arose when a visitor dropped a quilting needle in our carpet without telling me, and when son and husband were wresting it was found in our son's back! Ouch!!
#2 Louise Bacon 2016-06-06 07:30
I have one and it's great. Anyone that sew should have one. They don't cost much.
#1 luvquilting 2016-06-06 06:42
I've had one of these for several years and love it...my fear is always stepping on a pin that I've dropped. Very handy! Nancy
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