Yes, this messy room of fabric belongs to Ricky. Apparently his attempt at fabric organization became an epic fail. Ricky says, “The photo of the messy fabric is of a storage closet in our basement that was next to my sewing space when we first moved into this house. If you look close, you’ll see there is some logic in all the mess. I’ve always organized my fabric by color and for the most part that is still evident from the piles. I did put all my plain solids in one area regardless of color. I also used plastic bins or crates to contain each grouping. The advantage here is that I can see most all of the fabric. Another bonus is that the room is dark so I don’t have to worry about the fabrics fading in daylight or artificial light. The problem is that the more I dig into the piles, the more the stacks tip and shift. Over time, they just tumble out and I tend to just stuff them back in. While these are rarely used older commercial fabrics, I still enjoy having them on hand when I have a project where I might need them. I need to set aside a day and just tackle this mess. I will organize it the way I organized my main storage closet."

When Ricky remodeled a garage to create his current studio space, he had organization assistance from Libby Lehman—the Queen of Organization. Between the two of them, they settled on a storage system using bins on shelves. The bins are upright so no fabric can possibly fall out. The downside is that you can’t see into the bins. Ricky solved that problem by putting laminated images showing the fabrics that are in each bin. Ricky says, “I’ve had this new system in place for almost five years and I have not had to reorganize any of these. This new system works like a charm!"