Update from David Taylor: (from his May 2016 Newsletter)

After the fire

By now, you've probably heard that my home in Steamboat Springs experienced a gas line explosion and house fire. I am in a temporary rental condo, getting my life back in some semblance of order. My home studio was devastated by the blast and fire. All of my machines and equipment, notions, knick-knacks and gadgets, collected over many decades, are a total loss. About the only thing to survive is my fabric stash. Although many yards are scorched and smoky, the members of the Delectable Mountain Quilters Guild had volunteered to wash what could be salvaged. I am indebted to my friends Madeleine and Cindy, for braving the freezing temperatures and barely breathable air in the house in February to help inventory and recover what we could. The countless wishes, gifts, messages, emails, texts, and kind words from the quilting community has been very much appreciated over the past few months. I am overwhelmed. Thank you, all.


From February 2016:
(View from upstairs studio down into the living room)

Here are more details about the explosion and fire at David Taylor’s home last Tuesday evening, February 17, 2016. The explosion is under investigation, but it appears that ice/snow slid from the roof onto the gas meter causing it to breach the line and trigger the explosion. David was teaching in Chicago at the time.

What was lost:
His very first quilt is gone. It was made from his Grandmother’s pattern from calico prints. In David’s words, “It’s just gone, it’s nothing but charred ruins."
His first pictorial quilt, Woodland Sprits, is gone.
The quilt he has worked on as a personal project since 2003 (which was nearing completion and was on his Handi Quilter), is gone.
His BERNINA sewing machines and his Handi Quilter Sweet 16 is gone.
All of his threads are gone.
What was not lost:
His extensive Harry Potter collection is untouched - pristine, untouched.
His bedroom, untouched.
His new Hogwarts model that he created after Christmas was in his kitchen. Most everything in the kitchen is gone, but the Hogwarts model is untouched.
His fabrics are covered in soot, but appear to be salvageable and members of his guild in Steamboat Springs will assist in caring for them.
His most beloved quilt, “Did you Wash your Beak?," is on exhibit at the Rocky Mountain Quilt Museum so it was not in his home at the time.
David says he has excellent insurance which had been recently increased due to nearby wildfires in recent years. The insurance will replace everything that is replaceable. Obviously it cannot replace his one-of-a-kind treasured quilts.
The future:
David’s insurance will also provide him lodging until he can return home. At this time it is not sure if the structure will be restored, torn down and rebuilt, or whether he will have to relocate. David expects several months of being displaced.
He plans to continue with his teaching commitments.
David has a very strong support group so he will not be abandoned in his time of need.
Show your support:
For those who wish to support him and let him know you care, Ricky is creating a thread drive to replace his threads. David only uses cotton threads, both solid and variegated threads by Superior, Sulky, YLI, and Aurifil. If you would like to help replenish David’s collection, please send a spool or two (doesn’t have to be new), to:
Threads for David
c/o Ricky Tims
PO Box 392
La Veta, CO 81055
Quilt: Woodland Spirits (below) by David Taylor was lost in the fire.

#33 Gayle Gross 2017-10-05 20:26
I have beentrying to figure out a way to take a workshop with you since I heard about you, not that long ago (I was out of touch with the quilt world for awhile.) Tonight I went online to look at your gallery, and I just saw what happend to your home and studio. I am so sad for you, but of course happy that you weren't there. I see that this was a little while ago, but is there something that you can use now? are you still collecting thread? Hoping to do a work shop with you soon, and wishing you only the best from now on, Gayle
#32 Mary Alice Hobbs 2016-05-28 16:44
I just learned about your devastating fire - terrible news. I'm so sorry. We exhibited two of your quilts at the Brigham City Museum several years ago - "Maynard" and "The Sentry of Santorini Island." Our patrons loved them. Many still stop at the front office when visiting the museum to share how special "Maynard" was. I'm glad he's safe in a private collection.
#31 Rainey Doyle 2016-05-28 15:25
David, I just heard today about the explosion! I am so sorry to hear that you lost so much! I am grateful that you were not hurt because you are such a talented quilter and quilt artist! I took a class from you at the AQS Syracuse Quilt Show last July or Aug and just loved your class! I know you were disappointed because the class was not full, but I was glad because I felt I got to know you better! I just wanted to thank you for sharing your talent with us in that class and please know I learned a lot from your course and feel I'm a better quilter because of you!

I hope all this devastation from the explosion will be behind you in a short amount of time and you will once again feel comfort in your home!

Rainey Doyle (quilter from Maine)
#30 Lorrie Ayala 2016-05-28 12:45
Keep some of the smoky smelling fabrics to incorporate into a "smell-a-vision " art piece. They say working through pain through art is carthartic. I wish you all the best.
#29 pancrafts 2016-05-27 13:56
A fire is a quilters nightmare because the loss is so final. I knew some one that had a fire at home and the things they were able to save had a perment smell of smoke so they had to throw that a way as well so I really hope you can get your fabric clean and smell free.
I know this may sound bad but I think your Harry Potter collection was saved because it had so much magic a round it :lol: I also collect Harry Potter well the stuff I can afford. May the magic keep your life Happy from this day forward.
#28 Sue Rasmussen 2016-05-27 12:53
hey David, always thinking about you. As an Aurifil Specialist, Aurifil thread is on the way to you with love from me. --BTW Great !!!!! ESS catalog .
#27 Ann Schenke 2016-05-27 12:02
David I met you at our quilt guild in the Kansas City area. I gave you a wand that my daughter made for the Harry Potter producers. I am sure that is why your collection is still intact. I told you at that time that I had the same kind of iron that you love with the lip that easily turns fabric on the pressing board. I missed you that day and never sent it. You should have it by now along with a bunch of 2ply Masterpiece thread. I wish you the best in rebuilding your studio and the big change in your life. You are special.
#26 Linda Rasmussen 2016-05-27 10:27
Had a wonderful class with David at Road to California and found him to be a skilled teacher who was so generous with his time and talent. I was so sorry to hear of the loss of his home and know that his life will return to normal because of his positive attitude and his generous spirit.
#25 Ann Becker 2016-05-27 09:25
Dear David,
We met at Hand Quilter as I was one of the lucky 13 that told their HQ story. I had such a wonderful time meeting you and drooling over your amazing quilts. I will forever remember watching you load your arms up with fabric bolts at the quilt shop. I will be sending some thread. My thoughts and prayers are with you.
#24 Carol Brown 2016-05-27 08:44
My heart goes out to you. I had a fire in my house recently, not half as bad. Here is information from my restorers. Any fabric with smoke smell on it will never get the smell out unless you send it to a professional restorer. Talk to your insurance company about who to call. 'Service master' does it around here (Massachusetts) .They do a wonderful job. My fabrics and clothing are perfect, as good as new. the things I had that did not go to my restorer still smell faintly of smoke, even after laundering. My insurance paid for that service -- maybe yours will too.
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