You've seen the TQS BOM 2016 and you've seen the original Rajah quilt.  Here is Lessa's version of the quilt in detail.

Star Members can watch Lessa Siegele (Show 1801) to learn more about the Rajah quilt and its significance to her and to Australia.

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#6 Karen 2016-01-07 07:01
Just reading the comments and see where some people say they wish it was another appliqué quilt. I am just the opposite. It is wonderful to see a variety of quilts so that it is not the same style every year. I think it is great and can't wait to get started. I know you can't always please everyone, so different styles from year to year is wonderful.
#5 Rilla 2016-01-06 15:30
I'm curious. All the photos showed crosshatch quilting. The last two photos showed feathered quilting. How did that happen?
#4 Lovesanimals 2016-01-04 18:42
This is not a beginner quilt,there is a lot of precise piecing involved. Also , it has an interesting history.
#3 bplautz 2016-01-04 14:29
I certainly would not call this a quilt for a beginning quilter. I can appreciate that it is not everyone's cup of tea but I do believe it will be a challenging quilt for a lot of people.
#2 Piecequilts 2016-01-04 10:08
Gosh!, after two years of appliqué BOM's it is time for a pieced quilt!! This quilt should be a challenge to everyone because ¼ inch seams will be a must!! And I plan to use only fabric from my stash. (My New Years resolution). Besides, the center could be whatever you cyber to make it.
My membership in TQS not only keeps me informed of the news of the quilting world but introduces me to new quilt artists. Thank you Alex and Ricky!!
#1 ethereal 2016-01-04 09:49
I wish everyone well with this new BOM, but it isn't anything I'd care to reproduce, so it doesn't tempt me to renew my membership. I was hoping for a wonderful new applique quilt - perhaps something else by Sue Garman. While this has historical value, it looks like a quilt designed for a beginning quilter.
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