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One of our favorite teachers is back in 2016 with a full 111 minute DVD which we will stream for FREE to our Star members starting Jan 1. Patsy Thompson brings you the information you need to gain the skills for amazing looking quilting. Rulers make it easier. You thought this was just for Longarm quilters, but now even domestic machine quilters are in on the secrets. These instructions work with all domestic machines--THAT MEANS YOU! (Sit-Down longarm quilters will love this too!)


Chapter List

  1. Introduction
  2. Ruler Feet
  3. Rulers for Machine Qulting
  4. Basics of Ruler Work
  5. Straight Line Ruler Work
  6. Curved Ruler Work.

In 2016 (so far) we will stream FREE for Star members these DVD Classes valued at $139.75:

  1. Ricky Tims--Grand Finale (value $21.95)
  2. Patsy Thompson- Ruler Work For The Sit-Down Quilter  (value $29.95)
  3. Kathy McNeils- Learning Landscapes (more about this DVD in a later newsletter- $26.00)
  4. Renae Allen's- Feather Fundamentals (value $19.95)
  5. Renae Allen's- Skillbuilder 1 (Free Motion Lessons-$19.95)
  6. Libby Lehman's- A Day of Threadplay (value $21.95)

Your $42.95 membership includes all the above AND over 200 past shows and 26 new shows surveying all that is new in quilting.

One price for everything.


#1 JudyFN 2016-01-06 05:11
If you are considering ruler work on domestic machine, do not buy a thing until you watch this DVD. Essential detail about the correct feet and rulers to purchase and what to consider. I also appreciate Patsy teaching correct fundamentals -- for example, you need to be able to hold the ruler in both hands, design considerations and how to solve and draw them, and that the DVD includes both ruler and freehand work. WOW! Just WOW!
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