Many great quilters have been influenced by Georgia Bonesteel, as evidenced by this wonderful email we received from TQS member Margo. Star Members can watch Show 1713: TQS Quilting Legend Georgia Bonesteel.

Hey Y'all!

I thoroughly enjoyed watching the current episode with Georgia Bonesteel!  She is definitely one of the true legends of our world!

She published this in 1990:

And shortly after that, I made my version!  No speed techniques here!  One square or strip at a time!!

When Georgia came to a neighboring town to teach, I took her class and showed her my quilt.  She said that I was probably the only other person to make one of these!  LOL!!  She signed the quilt for me and I consider it a real treasure!

I also made the trip to Hendersonville to visit her little quilt shop in her husband's hardware store!

Many thanks to all of you for all that TQS brings to the quilt world.  
You will never now how many lives you have touched and how many quilting sparks you have fanned into fire!

Merry Christmas to you and yours!

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