As the designer of the TQS BOM quilt for 2016, Lessa Siegele knows a lot about accurate piecing, and she shares many of her tips for piecing perfection.  Lessa grew up in Australia and has always loved historic quilts.  She was presented the Order of Australia Medal by Queen Elizabeth II for her work promoting quilting.  She shares the story of the Rajah quilt, made by women convicts while on a boat journey in the 1840s, which is the basis for the BOM quilt.  Lessa then offers many tips for accurate piecing, using her "Rajah Quilt Revisited" as a sample.  She also has suggestions on how to personalize the BOM quilt, to make it your own.  TQS then visits the VA Museum, which houses some magnificent quilts.  Set in an 1856 historic home, it had been a hospital during the Civil War, but now houses an enormous quilt collection.

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