The other day Alex decided to pick up the phone and call Libby's house.  After a few short rings a sweet voice picked up the phone -

"Hi Alex"

Alex asked "who is this?" (thinking it was a sister....)

"It's me, LIBBY!"

Girl talk then pursued.  Libby can communicate quite well, but often there is a disconnect between her brain and her voice. 

Alex asked, "Is it in your brain clear and it is just the getting it out that is hard?" Libby answered , "Yes."  Alex then asked " Are you sewing yet?" and Libby answered, "One thing at a time!" That's LIBBY.  

Is the battle over? No. This poem, shown in the CaringBridge and written by Libby's sister, Ellen, sums it up perfectly.

What is more beautiful -
 A bald eagle soaring in circles searching for food
 or a hummingbird hovering, sipping red nectar from a jar?

 A river crashing its boulders with noisy spray and foam
 or a lake so serene and smooth only the ripples kiss the shore? 

 The mountains born of eruptions and carved by ice
 or young meadows blanketed with soft grass and flowers ?

Who can say what Beauty is?  

Only our Creator, and to Him all is good.  
Why do we doubt his plans for our lives?  
Why do we ask -why? 

Because we are His children, always seeking, asking, stumbling, and struggling, and in need of His mercy.  

Which is more beautiful  
 the "old" Libby at her peak of fame, fortune, and health 
 or the "new" Libby full of promise, compassion, and Hope? 

Why do we ask? All is good.  


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