Judith Content in her studio                                                           Tempest by Judith Content                           Twelve Crowns c. 1860
                                                                  (photos by James Dewrance)                                                            (photo by Joe Ofria)

Check out the summer lineup of three exhibits, focusing on the "T" or Kimono shape, at the Texas Quilt Museum.

As a professional artist for over 25 years, Judith Content has been been drawn to the T-shapes found in Japanese Kimonos as well as antique bed quilts.  "I construct my quilts intuitively, using an array of hand-dyed silks, a contemporary approach to the traditional Japanese dye technique of arashi-shibori," she notes.  Her exhibit is called Intuitive Symmetry: Works on Silk by Judith Content.

Kimono Quilts and Kimonos features the works of a wide range of artists including Therese May, Yvonne Porcella, Sugar Rieck, Ans Schipper-Vermeiren, and Sarah Ann Smith. Another show, Antique Four-Poster Quilts, features antique bed quilts from the 1800s.  Their lack of corners allowed the quilt to easily fit around the bed's posts.

To learn more about these three fascinating exhibits, visit the Texas Quilt Museum website.


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