At Spring Market we wanted To get as many fabric pictures as possible, so TQS experimented with panoramic pictures. This slideshow has a mix of regular shots and panoramic shots. It will give you a good feel as to what the booths looked like in Minneapolis.

As with any technological step forward there is always a step back. Most slideshows will not show the panoramic shots. Well....we found a slideshow that will, and it even zooms in...but it has some steps to make it work. (By the way, it works great on the iPad and the controls make more sense. Just slide the picture with your fingers like you are used to doing. Then slide back and find the "Play" button and go forward.The Kindle wouldn't zoom the panoramic pictures. How do Android tablets work?)

The slide show will begin and here are some hints on the controls:

  1. There is a play button in the upper right. You need to work it by hand (mouse) to move forward manually which is recommended.
  2. When you get a panoramic picture you can zoom in by clicking the 4 arrow icon above the picture
  3. The picture is now too big for the screen, so position your cursor right on the picture, to the right or left of center, to make the picture move to show it all up close.
  4. To move on from a zoomed in picture, you must click the play button in the upper right again. If the play button doesn't show, slide back to the front of the picture to get it back on the screen.
  5. If you can make the slideshow work, the pictures give you a real feel of the show, so play with it a little. 
  6. Remember that panoramic pictures are not kind to people because of the pasting process. Be kind.
  7. Let me know in the comments if you like this use of panoramic pictures or is it just too hard? (Does anyone out there have a solution?)
  8. Click the picture to go to the slideshow


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