Through March 27th, the Troy University Rosa Parks Museum in Montgomery, Alabama, is hosting a retrospective of the work of Riché Deianne Richardson, Associate Professor of Africana studies in the College of Arts and Sciences.  Riché's quilts resonate with history, both her own and that of the United States.  She states,

“For a long time I kept my art and my academics in separate compartments, but I’ve been astonished at how frequently the subjects I’m working on in my research are paralleled by subjects I end up making into quilts. I’m able to frame similar questions in my art to ones I develop in my research, but for a different audience.”

“The Family Series will help people to reach within and think about their own family, their ancestors, the people who’ve helped them become who they are, and celebrate what their history looks like in the context of broader history.
The quilts show the diversity of people and highlight the beauty of the human spectrum. I want visitors to the exhibit to think about what art means, to reach within and rediscover or reinforce the artist within themselves.”

Fifty-eight quilts are on display, many of which took her years to make. They are quite detailed and include a wide range of materials,  such as buttons, fruit, beading, jewelry, and hats.  They are built from the inside out and incorporate principles of architecture and engineering.

Portraits II: From Montgomery to Paris: The Appliqué Art Quilts of Riché Deianne Richardson is dedicated to her grandmother and grandfather, Joe and Emma Lou Jenkins Richardson.

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