This ariticle was orginally published in 2013.


Beginning Monday, November 9, Star Members will be able to see more of Lyric as she takes a different direction in her work in Show 1710: Conquering Abstract Fears. She will show Alex and Ricky how to move seamlessly and fearlessly from a recognizable form to a more abstract design, which she then turns into a fusible art piece.  She helps them to direct their focus on line and shape, rather than an actual object.  She shares her transition from the use of bold colors to a preference for soft neutrals, emphasizing composition and texture.  She then demonstrates transfer printing techniques, and the use of foil to add zing to a project.

But in the meantime, enjoy this slideshow with some of Lyric's previous work.

Lyric Kinard is sharing beautiful examples of her work with TQS. Learn more about Lyric and her work in Show 1311: Mixed Media and the ABCs of Good Design. Lyric, the 2011 Teacher of the Year, demystifies the basics of screen printing using a thermofax machine and a few simple tools, and shares lots of creative ideas for using beads to add color and texture to your work. The episode closes on a lovely note as Lyric, a classically trained professional musician, offers a sampling of Bach on the French Horn.

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