This time Sharon is teaching us how to cut squares from a strip of fabric.  She shows which tools to use and how to manage different sizes of squares.


#3 marybronx 2016-02-10 10:33
I would suggest a reminder when using a 12 1/2" ruler (or any ? + 1/2" ruler) that one checks , and double checks, that you are NOT using the 1/2" side of the ruler when measuring and cutting, Mary A
Also : @ McVan - I think the photo is distorted because of the camera angle.
#2 gramacoat@yahoo.com 2016-02-10 09:30
Nice simple instructions but with the cost of fabric the folding of the fabric could of been differently to make better use of three fabric. I would have taken the selvage of , so I wouldn't have to remember to avoid it, than refolded the fabric to one side for the needed size. This would leave a longer fabric on the edge verse one going down the centerfold. Although it's not as easy for a beginner but is almost always a better use of fabric.
#1 Terry Sheldon 2016-02-10 09:26
LauraBC, I saw her closing her blade after every cut. That is a stickler for me too, but she does it automatically. It's one reason I use an Olfa cutter with the closing blade. I lock it when I leave the cutting table.

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