It's the most wonderful time of the year. Alex has a quilt to brighten your holidays and an idea to bring your families together safely...

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This is a great 3-D block. Just imagine the possibilities depending on the color values you use.  



Mary Kerr takes vintage blocks and creates stunning modern designs. She did just that with Pumpkin Harvest, which was quilted by Gina Perkes. Mary's book is Twisted: Modern Quilts with a Vintage Twist.

Star Members can watch Mary in Show 2102: Quilts with Vintage Textiles.


Original Photo: Mary Kay Davis



After the Warming - Permanent Winter by Jean Sredl is a hand appliqué marvel. Winning Best Hand Workmanship in the 2019 World Quilt Competition it depicts solitary trees as they stand watch over a frozen Earth. Containing marvelous machine sewing, it is a quilt you truly need to see up close to experience all the exquisite detail.

After the Warming - Permanent Winter by Jean Sredl of Shawano, Wisconsin won Best Hand Workmanship - Innovative in the 2019 World Quilt Competition XXIII and was displayed at the Pacific International Quilt Festival (PIQF) 2019.

Original Photos: Lucas Davis


Pat Durbin's quilt shows a tree in its natural element standing tall under the bright sun. Grandfather Giant is a unique quilt that combines Pat's love of the redwoods and fabric. Also featuring spectacular machine sewing, this "Giant" (90" x 45") was displayed in the Innovative category at PIQF 2019.

Grandfather Giant by Pat Durbin of Arcata, California was featured in the Innovative category at the Pacific International Quilt Festival (PIQF) 2019.

Learn more from Pat by watching her in Show 2103: Easy Mosaic Techniques and Adding Detail and Depth to Your Quilts.

Original Photos: Lucas Davis



Which kind of quilter are you? Vote below.

Previously we asked how you store your stash, what's on your design wallhow you quilt your quiltshow you baste your quilts, how you hang your quilts, where you get your quilting ideas, and how you feel about your scissors.

Today we want to know: Are you a scissors person? Rotary Cutter? OR, do you "Let it Rip?"

(Picture by Lauren Vlcek)


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Doodled on her iPad in an art program first, Yellow (34" x 33") was a quilt that Lynn Koolish knew where she wanted to end up but didn't know how to get there. Knowing she had a great quilt, she had to work backwards from her drawing to figure out the piecing of the quilt.

Learn from Lynn in Show 2711.

Original Photos: Kristin Goedert


Are you caught up on The Crown? The highly anticipated fourth season of the show all about the British Monarchy debuted last week on Netflix and features some of the most faithful recreations of clothing from the late 1970s to 1990, including Princess Diana's wedding dress. Watch a video all about the costumes and what it takes to make them from costume designer Amy Roberts.

From Netflix:

"From Princess Diana’s wedding dress to Margaret Thatcher’s extraordinary outfits, find out more about the stunning costumes created for Season Four of The Crown. Costume Designer Amy Roberts explores the visual journeys of the characters as they navigate 1980s fashion, with sartorial insight from fellow crew and cast."


TQS continues its feature of quilts exhibited in 2020 at QuiltCon as part of The Quilts of Victoria Findlay Wolfe exhibit. The exhibit is described as:

"Purposeful play is a deliberate free-form practice with one goal in mind: to ultimately improve the outcome of the finished product while capturing a thought, emotion, or technique. Always fascinated by color, pattern, and quilters who came before us, Victoria Findlay Wolfe found her life's true joy in exploring her grandmother's quiltmaking as a starting point.

Her diverse and exciting body of work stirs quilters worldwide to dig deeper, take risks, and experiment with fabric. This retrospective exhibit features a selection of Findlay Wolfe's inspiring quilts and the stories behind them."

Please enjoy Victoria's ninth quilt from the exhibition.

Title of Quilt: Pattern Play

Quilter's Name: Victoria Findlay Wolfe

Quilted By: Shelly Pagliai

Year Made: 2015

Quilt Size: 69" x 81"

Original Photos by Mary Kay Davis



Lauretta Crites brings us one of the most theatrical quilts we've ever seen in Cue Orchestra, Curtain Up! Displayed at PIQF 2019, it depicts two of her favorite characters, the operatic Madame Butterfly and the musically talented Alexander Hamilton. Featuring logos and characters from numerous other plays and musicals, it is brought to life with beautiful hand piecinghand appliqué, and hand piecing.

Cue Orchestra, Curtain Up! by Lauretta Crites of Glendora, California was featured in the Wall category at the Pacific International Quilt Festival (PIQF) 2019.

Original Photos: Lucas Davis

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