Note: This article was originally published in 2013.

Watch Melinda Bula as she takes us behind the scenes to create an amazing flag quilt for her son who joined the Marines after college. This quilt was recently added to the permanent collection of the National Quilt Museum in Paducah, KY.

Melinda says, “It’s a painting without any paint, where every color change is another piece of fabric. After the raw-edge fusible appliqué was completed, I used thread painting to blend the colors.”

To learn more about the quilt at the National Quilt Museum, click here.

To see more of Melinda and her techniques, watch Show 501: Fabulous Fusible Flowers.


Here's a great baby quilt from Heidi Farmer that will bring a smile to your face. She talks about ways to personalize baby quilts for your kids in Show 2211: Hoop-Free Longarm Embroidery.

Original Photo: Mary Kay Davis


Looking for a fun project that won't take forever or break the bank and gets your creative juices flowing? Cheryl Lynch's Mini Mosaic Quilt Kits are just the ticket. We love them so much that we keep ordering more!

These mosaic quilts are small, fun, portable projects that you can complete fairly quickly, and they make great gifts - either in kit format or completed. They also make great group projects for retreats and events! Plus, at just $28 each, you can buy all of the designs that you love.


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Each kit contains the pattern, sticky stabilizer for assembly, "tile" and "grout" fabrics, tulle netting for finishing your mosaic, and full instructions. You will need to provide small fabric pieces for the sashing and border from your stash.

Below are just a few of our favorite designs (to be honest, we love them all!). We have limited quantities of each, so don't wait!





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~Tips for Entering Shows and Why It's Important to Enter~
Bonnie Browning talks with judges Katie Pasquini Masopust, Sue Nickels, and Paula Nadelstern. Learn some tips for entering your quilts and why it is important to share your quilts at AQS and other quilt shows. 
Want to know more about the judges?

Watch Sue in Show 402: Quilting to Perfection, Show 1201: The ABC's of (Award-Winning) Quilted Feathers, and Show 1808: A Quilting Family from Vintage to Modern.

Watch Katie in Show 906: From Music to Masterpiece - A New Perspective on Design, Show 1913: TQS Quilting Legend 2016, and Show 2210: Reimagining the Log Cabin Block.

Watch Paula in Show 307: Puzzle Quilts and Show 2010: Easy Piecing with Complex Fabrics Makes Stunning Quilts.

Watch Bonnie in Show 609: Freeform Feathers and Happy Endings and Show 1207: Out of Africa, From Life Experience to Incredible Quilts.


Lisa Sipes quilted Victoria Findlay Wolfe's wonderful Modern quilt, Double Edged Love, which was the recipient of Best in Show at the inagural QuiltCon 2013.

Star members can be inspired by Lisa in Show 1506: Two Amazing Women and the Power of Quilting.

Learn more about Victoria Findlay Wolfe in Show 2002: Look Out! Double Rings and Curves Ahead and in Show 1404: Jump Start Your Creativity with 15 minutes of Daily "Play."



Heidi created this quilt for her Mother-in-Law. It began as a "ribbon" quilt in support of breast cancer research, but when her mother wanted a larger quilt, Heidi discovered that it just wanted to "grow" into a heart quilt and a lovely one it is. Hear the whole story in Heidi's Show 2211: Hoop-Free Longarm Embroidery.

Original Photo: Mary Kay Davis


We ordered one of these portable cordless irons to try out for the store, and we really liked it so we gave it to Alex to test... when it didn't come back, we knew we had a hit!


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Why does Alex love it? 

  • The iron is cord free! How many times have you been pressing and had that annoying cord get in the way? The cord is in the base so it won't ever cause aggravation.
  • It's portable - really portable. Light weight (just 4.5 lbs!) and easy to carry, with a handle on top of the heat-resistant carrying case. The cord retracts into the base, so it won't get in your way while you are carrying it.
  • It gets really hot. Hotter than Alex's old iron, which means that it does a better job pressing your seams (and it is faster too).
  • Both ends of the sole plate are pointed, so you can press in any direction with minimal turning and repositioning. It's great for blocks that have seams going in multiple directions.
  • It has a non-stick ceramic-coated soleplate. This distributes the heat more evenly and glides smoothly over your fabric.
  • It can produce steam when held vertically, so you can use it as a steamer too!




Shop for Cheryl Lynch Mini Mosaic Kits


In this video for Go Tell It at the Quilt Show!, Sheri Cifaldi-Morrill of Whole Circle Studio talks about her quilt, 270 Colors, she made for Aurifil Thread.
"Go Tell It at the Quilt Show!" is a Quilt Alliance project designed to capture the stories of quilts where quiltmakers gather. This interview was filmed at the International Quilt Market in Houston, Texas in 2017. Click here to learn about their May incentives for joing the Alliance.

Patricia Belyea of Okan Arts spent a lot of time talking to some of our favorites at Spring Quilt Market in Portland. Here are just a few photos from Market. Click on Learn More to get the latest scoop from Patricia.

There was a great deal of interest surrounding Meghan Markle's wedding dress, but we were more intrigued about her wedding veil by Givenchy. Many hours were spent embroidering the veil made from silk tulle with flowers created in silk and organza. Find out the significance of the design and just how often the embroiderers had to wash their hands while working to make it perfect for the big day.

Click here to get all the details.

(Givenchy Veil Detail: http://meghansmirror.com/royal-style/royal-wedding/meghan-markle-wedding-ceremony-dress/)