This looks like it would make a great Celtic Knot quilt if you just put a few of them together.

Find out what it is called when you play Jinny's game.

Fractured Reality was designed by a group through Skype. Once the idea was presented, each quilter interpreted the theme in their own way in their blocks. The blocks were then sewn together to create the quilt. The interpretations included some very tiny half-square triangles to represent a fractured mirror.
Star Members can watch Mary Elizabeth at work in Show 1502: Small Pieces, Big Impact.

Melanie Tuazon's quilt, Neighbors, was inspired by the blinds in her home and the environment in her neighborhood. Here she talks about it at QuiltCon.
Neighbors won 2nd Place in the Improvisation category at QuiltCon 2018.


Want to see more work by the Hoop Sisters? Here they are sharing some of their beautiful quilts.

Star Members can watch the Hoop Sisters work their magic in Show 2206: The Magic of Quilting in a Hoop.


This beautiful quilt by The Hoop Sisters features a center medallion surrounded by undulating curves and a curvy appliqué border. A decorative flange echos the curves while stunning Sharon Schamber quilting highlights the quilt.

Star Members can watch The Hoop Sisters in Show 2206: The Magic of Quilting in a Hoop.

Original Photo: Mary Kay Davis

The first synthetic dye was created by accident in 1856. The "creator" was an 18-year-old scientist named William Henry Perkin. Sometimes the best discoveries happen when "failure" occurs. His failure changed textiles forever. Interestingly, the color he created is similar to this year's Pantone Color of the Year 2018, Ultra Violet.
From Wikipedia:

In 1856, William Henry Perkin, then age 18, was given a challenge by his professor, August Wilhelm von Hofmann, to synthesize quinine. In one attempt, Perkin oxidized aniline using potassium dichromate, whose toluidine impurities reacted with the aniline and yielded a black solid, suggesting a "failed" organic synthesis. Cleaning the flask with alcohol, Perkin noticed purple portions of the solution.

Suitable as a dye of silk and other textiles, it was patented by Perkin, who the next year opened a dyeworks mass-producing it at Greenford on the banks of the Grand Union Canal in Middlesex.[10] It was originally called aniline purple. In 1859, it was named mauve in England via the French name for the mallow flower, and chemists later called it mauveine.[11] By 1870, demand succumbed to newer synthetic colors in the synthetic dye industry launched by mauveine.


Colleen Harradine does and she made a quilt to prove it. Strike Up a Friendship with a Redhead is Colleen's way of addressing as she puts it, "the bizarre and increasing antipathy towards redheads!" In her quilt she lovingly highlights many famous redheads throughout history. Did she miss anyone?


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This beautiful Feathered Star design was the 2013 EmbroidaBlock of the Month. It was the first collaboration between The Hoop Sisters and Sharon Schamber.

Star Members can watch The Hoop Sisters in Show 2206: The Magic of Quilting in a Hoop.

Original Photo: Mary Kay Davis

Mitsuko Sasaki created her "Crazy Quilt Hexagons" based on Jennifer Clouston's book, "Foolproof Crazy Quilting." She takes two decidedly different traditional techniques and combines them into a stunning work of art.

Mitsuko's quilt won Best Use of Embellishment at the Pacific International Quilt Festival.

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