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Three weeks ago my sister fell while changing laundry, breaking her upper arm ... very painful and immobilizing since it cannot have a proper cast. I'm hours away and could not help. But I had this idea and ravaged her Facebook friends for contacts and help. I asked for 5 inch squares with get well wishes from her friends and family. There are quilters, fitness friends, auto cross buddies, high school chums and others included. Her daughter purchased a bag of batik squares and sent with her brother to an auto cross event for signatures. Her friend, Bonnie, went to her local quilters' group and fitness center. One friend made a mini-nine patch and another took fabric transfer and added a photo of my sister behind the wheel at an auto cross event. Some non quilters sent knit fabrics which I stabilized on a light colored square before piecing. I pieced the squares and priority mailed the top to my sister's friend, Bonnie, who is a long-arm quilter by profession. Not only volunteering to do the quilting, Bonnie added a border before getting this on her machine. She used a motif of sewing tools for the quilting since my sister is a seamstress by trade and a quilter for the love of it (she just had a quilt place second in its class at an area show). This is my fourth project and I am so proud to have been a part of making my sister cry. It's okay, they were happy tears, and as you can see she is smiling now! The hardest thing about the project? Not having my sister to go to for advice! At least now I can share all my pictures with her and talk about it!

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