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Just saw your screen test (hope to win the GO). Wanted to share a husband/stash story with you (since you had discussed that in your screening.) I had purchased a whole bunch of fabric from a friend who was in desperate need of money. I'm talking about maybe 150 yards in 1/2 to 3 yard cuts. I had it home all laid around on the couch and chairs and floor of the living room to sort and fold. I had purchased this at a very good price and intended to resell it to my quilt guild friends at my cost -- a good deed for my friend in need and for my quilt guild. When my husband came home I explained that I was not going to keep it but resell. He asked why wouldn't I want to keep it. I replied that I could never make that many quilts in my life time. And he said - - - well, it's not about making quilts -- it's about looking at it and getting inspired for what you might make! Then I said -- but I don't even have enough space to keep it and he said -- I can build you more shelves. He's definitely a keeper. P.S. I did sell most of it to the quilt guild friends.

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