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Every year my quilt group, Ocean Wave Quilters in Fort Bragg, California, and the local Soroptimist clubs organize a quilt show over Memorial Weekend. We can't grow very large because venues are limited and the weather is too iffy to hang quilts outside. This year we decided to try a 'publicity stunt' to promote our show and a group of gals, and one cooperative husband, devised a hanging of quilts on the trestle over Pudding Creek on the north end of town. Fort Bragg is an old fishing and logging town and the trestle is a remnant of the haul road the lumber mill used to transport logs to the sawmill. It is now renovated and part of a coastal trail. As part of McKerricher State Park, the trestle is a popular attraction and many people enjoy its spectacular vantage for ocean viewing. Our group collected ten large quilts for hanging and many more to drape over the handrails of the trestle. We were waiting with baited breath for a sunny, still morning to pull our stunt, and our photographer, a member of the OWQers, set up on the beach below. As we marched out with our show flag and hurredly hung our quilts, we were encouraged by honking motorists and morning walkers. It was great fun and the pictures, as you can see, turned out wonderful!

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