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While these particular I Spy quilt panels were available, I made lots and lots to give away. These were the years after my children were grown. My husband has 16 brothers and sisters - so there have always been lots of baby quilts to give away! Finally, when I had about 3 of these panels left, I decided that I had better save a couple for my grandchildren. This was years before there was even a possibility of grandchildren, but I didn't want to let something special slip away! When my grandson was born, his first quilt is a simple Patience made with receiving blankets matching his room decorations. It was a great hit and was ready to present to him in the hospital. Forward to his 2nd birthday party - I decided that now he has some language skills and is interested in looking at pictures, so the time was right. I took one of my two precious remaining panels, added borders, and got it ready for his birthday. Of all the I Spy quilts I made over the years, I had never ever sat down with a kid and played with it. I encourage everyone to make one, go find a kid and play. It's so fun! My grandson found the sunflower, then he found the sun. We can find penguins, spotted frogs, etc etc. He can use this for language, for color recognition, counting - the possibilities are endless! And his "qilt" is always ready for play and goes with him on numerous visits. After observing the play value of this quilt, my mom decided her grandson needs one for his 2nd birthday - my nephew is 1 year younger than my grandson. So lucky nephew gets one next year and lucky me gets to make another one!

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