Story Submitted by: KathySamson

After watching a show on TQS with our lovely guest Eleanor Burns I decided its time to make a tumbling block sewing the 'Y' seams. I can remember plain as day the giggles from watching this show and the encouragement given in the end to "try" out those 'Y' seams! I started out pretty good sewing three diamonds into individual blocks. I sewed 13 blocks into long rows. I had like ten rows sewed together like this. Now I had to sew these rows together; "yeah right-wrong way". Lets say I've had my taste of Mr. Stitch Ripper for the year...my time has been put in for the year! I was in tears and the quilt almost went into the garbage can out of fustrations. The only thing that kept me going was "try try and you can do it and you'll figure this out"; the correct way thinking I'm stitches away from happiness through the tears. I asked for help from my TQS friends and I got great help right away and I'm very greatful. My quilt top got pieced,not perfect points but close enough. Then I pinned my quilt and I started quilting. Guess I have to say; I rolled up my pants legs once again and I went for it with the encouragement of Alex's feathers. I'm doing feathers in every diamond thats 390 diamonds. I should be feather queen of the month!!! lol. I dared not to look at my feathers till I got my first 130 done, because I had enough diamonds done and I wasn't about to turn to Mr. Stitch Ripper again. I was past the point of no return! They are not perfect feathers but with this much 'practice' its not looking bad. I'm pretty pleased. I've learned a lot from many great teachers and friends from TQS . I'm writting this story because I have been the quilter who looked through the window at patterns and quilting and thought 'that is beautiful, but its to hard for me' never giving it a second thought for months, years. Well I rolled up my pants legs and jumped right in and found it isn't as bad as I thought it was. My quilting has improved in many avenues due to the great inspiration and the lessons taught by you everyone. So many thanks to the TQS Staff, Teachers, Friends, for my quilt "Stitches away from Happiness"

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