Story Submitted by: KathySamson

My DH grandmaw gave me a call and asked me if I would quilt one of her cross stitch sunbonnet sue quilt tops for her great granddaughter's birthday. I quilted her quilt top and she was very pleased; it was a real pretty quilt. She got out another old bag with a old quilt top in it and says to me, "you can take this home with you and quilt it if you want and have it. And, if you don't want to quilt it thats okay too." She told me stories about the different fabrics. I brought this quilt top home. A few weeks later I took the quilt top out of its bag and thought it's an ugly quilt top and the workmanship was horrible, so I stuck it back into its bag and tossed it to the side. Another week passes by, I take it out of its bag I feel the same way and toss it off to the side. A month goes by I take it out of its bag the same thing and I toss it off to its side. One morning I got up and 'thought about all the stories grandmaw told' about the different fabrics in this quilt and I thought "What a Beautiful quilt"; she had many loving memories put into this quilt top. How did I not see this beauty to begin with and why did I not remember her stories? A Huge lesson learned. Every hour I spent quilting this quilt I though of grandmaw's fragile poor eye sight and her weakened hands of arthritis and all the memories that she has cheerished of her Mothers aprons, hospital gowns, curtains from her home. I really enjoyed quilting this quilt because this quilt by far has the best story through Loving memories that I have ever worked on. I look at quilts now and I think of all the beauty that's within and not just its outside beauty. The quilt had two stories: a big lesson learned and many Loving memories. I told my story to grandmaw and her children standing by her side and then she told her story about her mothers fabrics in the quilt. In the end she says there is only one thing: "Who do I leave it to when I'm gone?" She says: "Kathy I would like to leave it to you", she giggled and says, "since you think its an ugly quilt!" She Loved her quilt and It was Beautiful.

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