Story Submitted by: Nanelas

This summer I lost a friend to melanoma cancer. Not an unusual statement as many people lose friends and family to this dreaded disease every day. My story is not the loss of my friend but the pleasure she received in the gift of a quilt from an organization called Victoria's Quilts Canada. I requested the quilt for her after hearing about their work while participating as a Guild delegate at the Gathering of the Guilds in New Brunswick, Canada. Victoria's Quilts Canada is a national non-profit charitable organization with headquarters in Ottawa, Canada. They have no paid staff but are completely run by volunteers. It was formed in the United States by Deb Rogers as a tribute to Victoria, her sister-in-law. The Canadian organization was formed by Betty Griffin with Deb's blessing. Their mandate is to provide comfort quilts to cancer sufferers when requested by loved ones or family. My friend received the quilt 2 months before she died. It traveled to doctors and hospital visits and finally to hospice care. Everyone who visited commented on the cheery fushia and pink quilt which brought a smile to my friend's face. Her last pictures are of her with the quilt. She felt wrapped in love. I am now making a quilt to donate for someone else to enjoy as she did.