Story Submitted by: pknord

I do hope the picture will come through. Way back in 1987, I went to the Paducah quilt show for the first time. The quilts were just so awesome! I was so inspired by them. I came home just bubbling over with ideas. I designed and pieced this top in about two weeks. I tried to get the illusion of light moving across the surface. Then I had no idea how to quilt it, so I tucked it away to ripen. I forgot all about it. In 1997, I was going through some cupboards, and found the top. My friend Agnes had just bought a Handiquilter setup. I passed the top on to her, and asked her to quilt it after she was happy with her new machine. She tucked it away and forgot it. In 2007, she got a longarm machine. She ran across this top and called me to apologise for forgetting about it. I had to have her describe it to me, because I'd forgotten it, too. So after 20 years, the top got quilted. She did free-motion feathers and vines on it. I did Ricky's piped binding on it and finished that up this spring. I love this quilt! Pat in Rockport, TX