Story Submitted by: RockridgeQuilter

When my daughter became engaged in May, 2007, I gave the happy couple, Kelly and Jason, the option of either a double wedding ring or Mariner's compass design for a hand-quilted wedding gift. They chose the double wedding ring design in a sort of colorwash of yellows and blues. Kelly and I shopped for fabric and I immediately set out to design, assemble, and quilt; believing that with an August 17, 2008 wedding, I had plenty of time. (I also subsequently learned that Alex's son is being married that same day....small world!) Somewhere along the line I viewed the Quilt Show episode that featured signature squares by both Alex and Ricky. The idea of using signature squares in place of the wedding guest book was born. Kelly and Jason thought the idea "rocked", so another project was added. I used the leftover fabric from the double wedding ring project to make signatures squares. I can't wait to see the comments from our guests. And the progress on the double wedding ring you might ask? I'm sorry to say it's only about half quilted at this point. But there's still hope!! Thank you Alex and Ricky. I feel a part of your "quilting family", and wanted to be sure you knew you play a part in my family's celebration.