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This is the brief tale of the Quiltersons at their first major show! For our Lissie it is her first quilt show EVER!! (L to R: Kristi, Marysu, Margaret, Lissie) We chose QO because it would be about halfway from our home in Virginia and her home outside Buffalo. We left at a sychronized departure time and pulled into the hotel at exactly the same time --halfway it truly was! Little did we know what a delight was in store for the next four days. QO is held at Hershey Lodge, so lots of chocolate was the order of each day, of course. But the quilts!! The fantastic, fabulous quilts!! Each day became an odyssey of its own and time well spent just ooooing and ahhhing, as well as trying to catch every vendor. In addition to the show entries was a gorgeous exhibit of antique quilts, and the exhibit of all the $100,000 Quilt winners. Who could ask for a more in depth education of quilting at its finest? As the mother of Margaret and Lissie, and the mother-in-law of Kristi, it was such a joy to be sharing this experience with the new generation of quilters, but the surprise for them was that most of the attendees were my age!! I must admit, though, they are the ones who got me into quilting in the first place! We left fulfilled and then some, full of chocolates and quilts--who could ask for more?

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