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My husband is an avid weekend fisherman. I and my camera tag along on when he is practicing for an upcoming tournament. He has learned that anytime he wants to either go fishing or anywhere, he can ask if I want to "ride" to take pictures. Now I must admit, he is "fairly" patient when I yell STOP! Who better than a fisherman to understand you must "seize the moment". One that relishes a fish biting at a particular moment, on a certain lure, during a certain moon phase, at a certain water temperture and a certain tide stage must be patient! Hmmmm, kinda reminds me of another hobby of mine. Like so many other quilters, my best designs come to me after midnight. (Oh yes, fisherman have to get a VERY early start on tournament day, too!) My husband has visited local truck dealerships for about two years looking for the ideal truck, in a certain color, with a certain horsepower engine and a certain price. Oh yes it also had to be a diesel and 4 wheel drive. Afterall, he needs something to pull his boat to the tournaments. I finally caved when he found the perfect truck - BUY IT! Since you can't drive a 4 wheel drive truck in the water and a break in his tournament schedule. It was time to take to the woods (four wheels drives like it). Of course, I was invited along to take pictures. Twenty miles off the highway and finally on a dirt road, we happened upon a field of cotton. STOP!!!!! Quilting, photography and fishing are perfect companions. But without the 4 wheel drive, the woods, and the cotton field, I would not have the treasures I brought home with me. The photos are treasures, but so is the renewed perspective of all of the important things in my life. My husband and family, my photography and quilting, his fishing and his truck. Oh yes, the cotton field. The plants were in full bloom when I captured the moment. One that will lead to certain cotton bolls, processed into the certain fabrics that end up in the amazing colors that brighten our world! This is truly where a quilt begins! (P.S. I had a lot of extra photo time as the truck broke down and we had to wait for someone to pick us up! But that's another story.)

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