Story Submitted by: QueenNonna

Katie and Loren live not to far from me, we would get together often. While there I would covet one of her quilts, Grandmothers Garden. It was made by Lorens Great Aunt, it is in the fabrics that I love most. Well, Loren (74) lost his life last year to a heart attach, he had been doing chemo for kidney cancer and went through with flying colors but his heart was not up to the chemo. Loren was a voluteer paramedic and firefighter for our little community. He was loved by everyone who came into contact with him, our community honored him just before he died with the Citizen of the Year award. I decided to make Katie a quilt with Lorens clothes, his shirts for the blocks (crazy patch), his pants for the sashing, and his patches from the fire department and paramedics for the corner stones. Needless to say Katie dearly loves and treasures her piece of Loren. A few weeks later Katie called to invite me over so she could take pictures of us with the quilt. Just before leaving Katie gave me the Grandmothers Garden quilt, she knew that Loren would want me to have it. What a treasure, we both now have great treasures to love.