Story Submitted by: sunshinequilts

In 2004, when American Patchwork & Quilting was collecting blocks for making quilts to be auctioned to raise money for the Susan Komen for the Cure project, many of us who were on Alex Anderson's message board decided to make a whole quilt to be auctioned. Details of the blocks to be sent were worked out. Some sent blocks with light pink centers and dark backgrounds and others sent the opposite. All sent some extra fabric for the sashing. I assembled and quilted the top and sent it off to be auctioned on ebay. I anxiously awaited our quilt being auctioned because I wanted it back! When it was posted, I began bidding but despite my best efforts to win the auction, every time I would bid, this one other bidder would outbid me. I finally gave up as it was getting to be more than I could afford to spend. I lost the auction and several friends from the AAMB began trying to help me find out who the person was who wanted this quilt so badly that they kept oubidding me. There was a "behind the scenes" story going on and I didn't know it but everyone else did. It ended up that my friend, Vicky McGee from CA, was the person bidding against me and she was trying to get the quilt to give to me. Little did I know! In June, 2005, while at a retreat in Paducah, KY, Vicky had planned to be there and present the quilt to me. She could not make it but was able to send the quilt to another friend to make the presentation, along with the sweetest note from Vicky. I had given up on ever seeing this quilt again and was thrilled beyond belief to see it again and realize that it was being given to me!