Story Submitted by: maryw

I made this quilt for my executive who was retiring. I've worked as his administrative assistant for over 12 years and have learned a lot about him during that time. However, while making the quilt I learned a lot more about him. All of the fabric has some significance to things he likes or has done (i.e. golf, bowling, woodworking, various types of food he likes, etc.). The photos were copied onto material. All photos are from his early years (about age 2) through current (age 62). In addition to the photos and fabric I sent a square of material to family, friends and co-workers asking for them to sign the square or write a message to Don (I used acid free pens). I also was able to secure a signature square from some of his favorite publc people (Barbara Mandrell, Statler Brothers, Riders In The Sky, and President Bush). This was the first quilt I ever made. I learned a lot from making it but the best part was the pleasure of seeing the excitement on Don's face when I presented it to him. The quilt measures about 90 inches wide and 104 inches long. All sewing was done on my sewing machine. I started the quilt in early 2005 and completed it in early March 2007; Don retired March 31, 2007. Thank you for considering including this quilt and story.

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